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About Us

Explore Learning School was established in 2020 as a Primary School in Islamabad the aim is to impart quality education and character building of the new generation. From the very first day Explore Learning School is providing learning procedure according to the guidelines of Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). Our mission is to nurture young ones with confidence, knowledge and send them in field as successful and useful citizens.

Explore Learning School is not only providing education its also preparing our students to act like good Muslims and good human beings.

  • Students have great potential they are taking part in curricular activities at both internal and external levels
  • Qirrat, Naat, English/Urdu Rhymes, Handwriting, Speech, and Essay Writing Competitions are conducted every year in all campuses
  • Our students are taking part in competitions organised by private school association and getting positions

Every Year we have a lot of Celebrations regarding Excellence Teaching Award, Students Awards, Independent research, creativity and Outstanding Academic achievement.

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Explore Learning School prepare students as physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually strong

We figure out our students are struggling in every aspect by Observation and provide a supportive atmosphere and also giving the Opportunity to Practice for increasing Self-confidence and Self-esteem

  • 01 Promote Quality Education

    Quality education is ensured through: Student assessment and terminal examination, Grant of scholarships, Provide quality teachers and create a secure and conductive quality learning environments.

  • Our Monitoring and Evaluation System Includes: Performance of Students, Presence of teaching and non-teaching staff, Updation of online-access information and Distribution of certificates.

  • Other functions are as follows: Regulatory policy concerning private sector schools, Promotion of sports in schools and Provision of compulsory and free education